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Weekly update 11/10/18

This week our development team implemented View trip page and made some small corrections on Trip pages (Trip view and organizer page). People can now add notes on days in trip organizer page. According to our research, we have optimized our unavailable services and delisted them against our users.

All our trips now show full country name instead of just country code. Our bug bounty campaign is also live on Besides this, the team also implemented search with MongoDB aggregations and price importer for Zepplin (our tour and activity provider).

With our final testing coming to an end, the countdown has begun.. we'll be going live in 4 days!

List of features added:

1. Allow to add notes on days in trip organizer
2. Have a better search input

3. Add new search input on results page top bar

4. Implement search with MongoDB Aggregations

5. Search by text in a specific location in trip organizer

6. Cards Design (Refactoring)

7. Redirecting user to login if not logged in user wants to go trip organizer

8. Implement View trip design

List of Bugs fixed:

1. Trips should show full country name instead of just country code

2. Country object not returning in trip/service responses on Production

3. Trip location is going out of the card

4. Bug in copying tags from services to trip

5. Troubles to Fix When Change Start Date on Trip Organizer

6. Ensure to have user selects a service option in trip organizer if required

List of major chores:

1. Small Corrections on Trip Pages

2. Understand why so many unavailable services

3. Create

4. Check out where to remove the search box from the header

5. Implement price importer for zeppelin

6. Add more issues in Github

7. Add flag "avgPrice=true/false" when importing price

8. Importing original service object in zeppelin importer

9. Come up with a few tasks for BountyHive


Crypto Invest Summit in LA was a great success. We met a lot of potential partners and investors. We were also interviewed by ICO TV:

As I write this, one of team members, Florent, is attending Crypto ICO Summit in Zurich, Switzerland. If you’re around, please come and say hi :)

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