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Weekly update 11/11/2018

The day we all were waiting for is here -- our platform, is live! You can now book trips curated by locals on and pay in fiat or crypto!

We understand that we’re in a bear market, but for an ICO that already has their product live, we’re confident in going ahead with our token sale. Everyone in our team is looking forward to our pre-sale next week.

Last week, we successfully integrated fiat and crypto payments gateway on the website along with the KYC verification for the pre-sale. If you'd like to participate in our pre-sale, please go ahead a verify yourself here:

List of features added:

1. Redirect to search page when clicking "add service" from trip organizer

2. Enable full text search on the main search

3. Improve "Add service" page

4. Show "booked" status in my trips for booked trips

5. Mobile App Exploration

6. Update homepage content and nav bar links

7. Display PLS token balance on user account

8. Change the logo in email verification email

9. Allow to click customize on trip view without selecting a date

10. Pls token icon

11. Implement KYC page

List of bugs fixed:

1. Prevent disabled service from being visible by anyone

2. Autocomplete suggestions list displayed on the left

3. Autocomplete of suggestions below full text does not work

4. Search bar is not working properly on search results page

5. Service card should show subtitle when there is one instead of description

6. Checkout and trip organizer prices are sometimes wrong

7. (End) Date Picker Selection Display is Odd

8. Search is not working on mobile

9. GDPR banner is above "customize trip"

List of major chores:

1. Improve KYC Page

2. Create articles in Freshchat

2. Create trips in DB

3. Log error if booking fails to Cloudwatch

4. Add view service on trip view/organizer cards


Last week we announced our biggest partnership yet with! Other companies we’ve partnered up with are: GetYourGuide, Musement, Civitatis, and Leezair. More can be found here:

Our ICO is now listed on several ICO listing websites. The biggest one being ICOBench where we received a 5 star rating by Benchy.


On 21st November, the day before our pre-ICO begins, our CTO, Vladimir Kokovich will host a webinar for all you curious souls at 3 PM Belgrade time (9 AM EST). The idea here to answer all your questions regarding the ICO and our platform. He will also give pointers with regards to our future product development. Here’s the link for the webinar:

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