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Weekly update 14/09/2018

For the past two weeks our development team has been working hard to get the beta up and running next month. We have successfully created an endpoint to get the price of a trip in multiple currencies, which means users can pay in fiat, major cryptocurrencies and of course, PLS tokens. An exchange rate API has also been built alongside it.

We’ll be using Auth0 for user authentication so we have moved /payments over to Auth0 service for secure authentication. Our webpage has been redesigned and mobile app development has begun.

The team has been in constant touch with some of the hotel providers (like TravelgateX, Travolutionary, Hotelspro) to get an agreement as our hotel provider. We’ll be deciding this week to which way we should proceed.

On the activities front we have already started with our provider Zeppelin from Hotelspro, to get 89K activities through them for making search and booking. Last week, we successfully managed making a booking on Hotelspro's Zeppelin testing environment. This means we have officially integrated to Zeppelin. We are currently progressing the evaluation with Hotelspro's Coral service for hotel accommodation. We have applied the payment conditions -- hope we get the approval quickly.

Our Zomato integration is in the pipeline. Unfortunately, we’re having a hard time getting answers from their end, so we might be using the free account to get up to date restaurant content and phone numbers etc.

New functionalities like Zeppelin importer, voice search on mobile, checkout page on mobile are working like a charm.

Lastly, we have created an endpoint to get trips that a specific service is a part of it and my trips page has been updated according to the new API.

Aaand of course there are some bug fixes :)

List of features that were added:

1. Multiple pictures on Services can be added

2. Search for trips

3. Update My Trips page to work with the new api (with pending & completed statuses)

List of bugs that were fixed:

1. Remove Add New Service Button From Edit Page of Purchased Trips

2. User Should Not Go To Checkout Page of an Already Paid Trip

3. Finding and correcting very small images on services and trips on demo page

4. "Add service" button back to Trip page

5. Unable to Login or Register through

6: Services are all unlisted, if the user has a url, it should return the service irrespective of if the user is authorized or not

7: Fix session and registration error messages handling

8: Book Now Button Directly Leads to Login (please-auth0)

9: Clicking on add to trip directly leads to login (please-auth0)

List of chores:

1. Create an endpoint to get the price of a trip in multiple currencies

2. Create an exchange rate api

3. Move /payments over to auth0 for authentication

4. Building a Search Result Page Mockup

5. Write tests for Stripe payment flow in Ghost Inspector

6. External API's and search process analysis

7. How to manage external APIs

8. Introduce Redux on mobile

9. Country in service & trip should store referenced

10. Signup/Login on mobile

11. Refactor PriceTag component to adapt to the new data format

12. Search/filter form on mobile

13. List trip on mobile

14: Create postman collection for Zeppelin booking

15: Zeppelin importer (one time / sync)

16: Split the Voice search API in two

17: Voice search on mobile

18: Update the search endpoint to return popular trips

19: Checkout with the new serverless api

20: Create some trips/services on staging

21: From natural text search endpoint return the searchParams

22: Services can optionally include owner data

23: Checkout on mobile

24: Integrate with external service providers

25: Update serverless-models validations

26: Create an endpoint to get the trips that a service is part of

27: MongoDB expects geo coordinates in [lng, lat] instead of [lat, lng]


Marketing team is on the adrenaline rush to promote the ICO. We’re working on various growth strategies at the moment. Our bounty campaign and ICO listing websites have been finalized. Since our launch is next month, we’re super excited and can’t wait to spread the word!

Florent was featured in one of Roger Ver’s videos talking about Check it out here:


At TechCrunch Disrupt, Romain and Kristi got a chance to interact with many investors and partners. Florent had a great time on the cruise and met several potential partners. We’re keeping in touch with all of them to see how we can take the relationship forward.

We’ll definitely be attending more events in the future!

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