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Weekly update 14/10/2018

With our pre-sale only a month away, all of our team members are motivated to make this ICO a success. We’ve received some great feedback from ICO experts over the last two weeks and we did make some stratical changes based on the feedback we got.

As of now, we’re doing some final testing on before pushing it live on This week our development team created full text search endpoint and improved protocol landing page UI. Since we couldn’t food service providers in Paris, we’re changing the city to Sydney!

Trip organizer functionality has also been implemented. We just need to do a little cleanup so that we can go live with it. Lastly, we got our Hotelspro coral production credentials, as our official hotel accommodation provider.

List of features added:

1. Web Error, Loading and Empty States

2. Full text search end point

3. Improve Protocol Landing Page UI

4. Replace Paris with Sydney

5. Add tag filters to query on search page

6. Email booking information to the customer

7. Implement Trip organizer Functionality

8. Integrate booking email template

9. Import ratings from all providers

10. Push back trips/services with 0 price

11. Ask for Passenger Title, Full Name on checkout page

12. Implement Checkout functionality

13. Integrate Payment Gateway

14. Import prices from coral

List of bugs fixed:

1. Remove the authorizer from /trips-containing

2. Custom avatar is not shown on a few pages

3. Selecting tags on add/edit service page is giving error

4. Users should be able to check availability when logged out

5. Same service over multiple days are not able to book

6. Ratings does not show up on frontend

7. Don't copy the updated sensitive info while cloning a trip

8. Provision endpoint bug `Service (...) on day 1 has no options selected

9. Some requests are not working because of MongoDB connection issues

10. My Services Page Does Not Work

11. Fixing truncated title to show in on hover popup

12. Can't find "romantic" in tags

13. Unable to change Zomato & Hotelspro user avatars

List of major chores:

1. Check for alternative food provider like Zomato

2. Add profile pics to zomato and hotelspro user

3. Generate cookie policy and include cookies that we set

4. Return the price for each selected option in a trip

5. Make sure we get the production Coral credentials

6. Make price sorting work on backend

7. Competition Product and UX Analysis

8. Configure Custom Email Provider

9. Competition Analysis Summary

10. Move the provision call to the payment/checkout page

11. Create a production Coinbase Commerce account

12. Welcome Email for Users

13. Add Error reporting to the server

14. Don't hardcode the staging authorizer in serverless.yml


Partnerships with travel and crypto influencers are underway. This week we finalised our listing with They are doing an in-depth analysis of our ICO. We should be able to share the report publicly next week.

Our bounty campaign goes live in a few hours! We’re prepared for some traffic and answer all the questions bounty hunters may have.

We’re also excited to announce that we will be attending Crypto Investment Summit in LA on October 22-24. Our CEO, CTO and marketing director will be there to showcase to the world of crypto. If you’re around, please come and say hi :)

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