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Weekly update 18/11/2018

At the time of writing, the entire cryptocurrency market cap is at $144 billion -- down from around $800 billion last year. This bear market doesn’t seem to end, which is why crypto investors are wary putting their money in any new ICOs.

After having long discussions with all our advisors and ICO experts we have decided to postpone our pre-ICO and ICO to January. We will begin the pre-sale on 14th January 2019 until 3rd February 2019. The ICO will immediately follow on 4th February 2019 and last for two weeks.

However, this doesn’t mean we will halt our development, partnerships and marketing. We will keep the good work going until we enter a healthy market. Last week, our development team implemented the KYC page and integrated checkout with PLS tokens.

List of features added:

1. Implement KYC endpoint

2. My Trips Improvement
3. Update segment write keys for production

4. Track when users started KYC and once they validated

5. Add save button in trip organizer design

6. Enable Telegram Passport on KYC

7. Checkout with PLS token

8. Create endpoint to checkout my trip with PLS token

9. Improve checkout page design

10. Activate Stripe payments (fix: parameter_invalid_integer)

11. Support children in trip booking

12. Allow to select the number of children

13. Implement PLS token icon

14. PLS Tokens bought email

List of bugs fixed:

1. Location filter doesn't work

2. Guests array is not passed correctly during checkout process

3. Loads of availability checks are triggered from the homepage

4. No Accommodation results

5. Final booking tweaks

6. Can't add a service to a trip

7. Vulnerability: Security Misconfiguration - No Password Length Restriction Leads to Denial of Service

8. As a logout user, i should not be able to access

9. Popup on search results gets in the way and can't select days to add a service to my trip

10. Need to scroll down to use map zoom

11. User Should Not be able to book an empty Trip

12. "Earn Money by Sharing any Trip" button does not work


On 21st November, our CTO, Vladimir Kokovich will host a webinar for all you curious souls at 3 PM Belgrade time (9 AM EST). The idea here to answer all your questions regarding the ICO and our platform. He will also give pointers with regards to our future product development. Here’s the link for the webinar:

PS: Keep an eye on our updates. We’re introducing new partners almost every day.

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