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Weekly update 21/10/2018

This week our development team made a persona list for our new UX design and implemented sort by rating/price on the frontend. We’re now sending relevant tags as part of the search results. These tags are also being used to populate the tags dropdown. Trips and Protocol Logo have also updated and the service page is now showing reviews.

Now that all the final testing is almost done, we will most likely go live this week on Here you can keep track of all our tasks:

List of features added:

1. Implement sorting by rating / price on the frontend

2. Send relevant tags as part of the search results

3. Show ratings on search results

4. Use tags from the search results to populate the tags dropdown

5. Web Navigation Flow Analysis and Improvement v2

6. Add possibility to specify radius on search API

7. Dollar sign on cards and trips

8. Change search tags from OR to AND condition

9. Rework top nav on sub pages

10. Add "radius" on search results

11. Implement Trip organizer design

12. Allow to delete days from Trip organizer

13. Show reviews on service page #270

14. Link to service page when clicking on a service in modal (trip organizer)

List of bugs fixed:

1. Add service modal full text search not returning expected result

2. Trips endpoint should return ``object along with `countryCode`

3. Service not returned when requesting tags (from get trip by id fn)

4. Add to trip from service page showing many days (100+)

5. Unable to open trip view page

6. When clicking customize on trip view of an owned trip, it gets copied

7. Service cards are messed up

8. View trip is throwing an error

9. Pagination is not updated according to page number

10. Add pagination in "add service" modal from trip organizer

11. Disable the "end date" button in trip organizer

12. Can't rename a trip

13. Remove 60min from search cards, visible on certain breakpoints

14. Service edit page does not work

15. Can't add a cover photo to a trip (5MB error)

List of major chores:

1. Make a persona list for UX design

2. Analysis of Yelp API as Zomato alternative

3. Trips and Protocol Logo

4. Add issues on Github for Hactoberfest

5. Reservation serverless model implementation

6. Check how we can make the card heights fixed

7. Patch the trip to increase the number of days even when a few days are empty

8. Reviewing and merging PRs

9. Automate importer runs on a cron

Marketing and Events

Our marketing team has been focused on getting our ICO listing live on ICOBench, ICODrops and many others.Certain partnerships and blockchain advisor onboarding is underway.

We have received our audit report from one of the leading ICO auditors in the industry. Currently, we’re making sure the changes are made as per the auditors so that we’re fully ICO ready.

Exciting news! We’re presenting []( tomorrow at the Crypto Investor Summit in LA. If you’re around, we’d love to speak with you.

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