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Weekly update - 25/11/2018

Last week the development team worked mostly on improving and fixing several bugs on Trip Organizer page. Chat button, ICO pages, trip button were also added on the website. Following is the list of complete list of features added last week.

With our ICO postponed, the marketing team is now focused on building new partnerships and talking to publications to spread the word about The idea is to get trip creators and users on board and start generating revenue. This way we will have a much stronger case when we do our ICO.

List of features added:

1. Trip Organizer Improvement
2. Add chat button

3. Add "Help" link next to Privacy in footer

4. Remove add service button and add create trip button in the nav

5. Search with no results (create a trip)

6. Verified email popup

7. Adding Loading Animations to the web

8. Design trip view for booked trip

9. Implement ICO pages

10. Implement ICO related stuff on the backend (check description)

11. Mark main photo of a service to be displayed on search/service page

List of bugs fixed:

1. Cache in trip organizer (and other places of the app) leads to outdated data

2. Vulnerability: User Account Login Allowed without email confirmation can lead to business reputation issues

3. KYC tracking is failing on production

4. On service page, If I click add to trip, it opens the menu, but if I want to cancel, clicking anywhere in the page does not hide the menu

5. Reset button at search does not clear textbox in header

List of major chores:

1. Store prices at the time of booking for every reservation for all services

2. Remove add service button and add create trip button in the nav

3. Have a separate cluster for staging on MongoAtlas

4. Adding Text Info to After Registration

5. Contact with Opentable again

6. Re-building Ghost Inspector Tests

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