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Weekly update - 28/09/2018

We have ended September on a high note. Our platform is almost ready to go live and all the ICO nitty-gritty things have been finalized. Now we’re just a month and a half away from our pre-ICO.

Last week, the development team created reservation system for our local services and reduced the poolSize of Mongoose connections to 1 per lambda. Now the platform is going live in such a way that search will not return inactive/private trips. Not to mention our Search for services is ready. The new home page and ‘Earn money’ page is working like a charm.

The Zomato integration has finally been finalized and we also have a new Results and Filter Page on search. Last but not the least, we have create a dashboard to keep track of Lambda invocations.

List of features added:

1. Search for services

2. Homepage updated

3. Earn money page

4. Search Component

5. Validated that the trip has an image when the user tries to change the status of the trip from "private" to "public"

6. Header Desktop/Mobile

7. Implemented responsive homepage

8. Results and Filter Page

List of bugs fixed:

1. Search should not return inactive/private trips

2. Autocomplete of search does not work on main page (please-auth0)

3. AWS Authorizers resource not found

List of major chores:

1. Create /services/:id/availability endpoint

2. Fixed createNewTrip() in services actions to work with new api

3. Fix addServiceToTrip() in services actions to work with new api

4. Zomato Integration

5. Import points of interest/attractions db dump

6. Create a dashboard to keep track of Lambda invocations

7. Reduce the poolSize of Mongoose connections to 1 per lambda

8. [serverless infra] send CORS headers on error as well

9. Retry mongodb connection if it fails connecting the 1st time

10. Create reservation system for local services (API)


Our new website dedicated for the ICO is now live:

We're also in touch with several ICO listing websites to list our ICO. Reiterating some important dates that have been finalized:

  • Pre-ICO bounty campaign is scheduled to go live in October
  • Pre-ICO starts on 15/11/2018 and ends on 01/12/2018
  • ICO starts on 15/02/2018 and ends on 15/03/2018

Checkout our pitchdeck to know more about our tokenomics and token structure:

Stay tuned. New partnerships will be disclosed soon!

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