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Weekly update 5/10/2018

This week our development team completed coral technical certification. Our creditline has also been approved - we are waiting for paperwork to have it officially finalized. We checked with HotelsPro if it’s okay to run availability check on all of their hotels to get the lowest price. Our team our analysed various crypto payment gateways for checkout - we’re most likely going to use Coinbase.

Aaand we’ve finally launched

List of features added:

Implemented multi image carousel on service details page

Add search functionality on homepage by destination

Design Responsive Trip Organizer and Checkout

Design of Trip Organizer has been finalized

Trip Checkout Edit and Replace

Updated user profile picture

Cancellation Policy UI Trip View has been completed

Made results page filters responsive

Associated users with importers

Zomato: load 4 cities on top of dumps

Search results page has been developed

Fix cards per type on search results

E-mail HTML/CSS Template Auth0 has been developed

Remove the top banner

Implement Trip view page functionality

List of bugs fixed:

If a trip contains the same service on multiple days the availability gets overwritten

After user registered, he/she should be redirected to home page

Copy service location when creating a new trip

Update the trip price after user selects service options

Search results error

On Service Page, "Book Now" or "Add to Trip" buttons don't redirect to the trip page

List of all major chores:

Finalized Coral importer to import hotels

Coral Certification

Limit API search results to 250

Increase the JWT expire time

Checkout crypto payment gateways

Service importers should round the service price

Check with HotelsPro if it's okay to run availability check on all of their hotels to get the lowest price

Create production DB on mongo atlas, and sync with importers, trips, etc

Reference existing tags on zeppelin / zomato importers

Import tags from services into trips when creating or updating trips

Search moods (tags) should be populated from /tags endpoint

Include tags service tags as well in /trips/:id?include=services,tags

set trip.duration to default to 1 day & mark it required

Launched on


We’re in talks with a few companies for potential partnerships. We’ll make an announcement in the next update.

The final version of our whitepaper is now live:

Our ICO is being reviewed by many experts in the industry these days. We’ve also started listing Please Protocol of ICO listing websites. To start with we’re going ahead with ICORating, ICOBench and ICOdrops!

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